Best hotels in the world



It is the holiday season. You are looking for an ideal place to spend your time as you reflect on your past and dream of your future. Alternatively, you are having a long paid leave from work. You have eagerly waited for this time so that you can get away to a faraway place, which seems like paradise and relieves you from the daily stresses of your life. You can do yourself a favor by choosing the best hotel that offers and caters for your safety and offers you a variety fun and stress-relieving activities.

For many years, writers of luxury travel and specializes in the hospitality industry have analyzed many hotels in relation to a variety of factors, such as facilities, location, seclusion, design, services, and style. These factors have enabled them to identify the best hotels in the world. The latest review and analysis of hotels across the world place the hotels discussed below in the best category. You should try to visit some of them if you are able to.

Nihiwatu, Sumba, Indonesia

The major thing that sets this hotel apart is its fusion with the local Sumbanese traditional culture. It has an unrivaled connection to the Sumba people of Indonesia. The villas of the hotel are designed and built according to the traditional Sumbanese architecture. They are characterized by ikat accents and thatched roofs. Moreover, nearly all the staff at the hotel are Sumba people, which gives you a new unique experience of another group of people.

The sumbanese cuisine is one of the best. You will surely love the distinctly palatable seafood prepared by the Sumbanese chefs at the hotel. The hotel also offers guests a variety of activities such as fishing, horse riding, and trekking to the spa. It has a phenomenal surf break, which was the main reason for its construction at its present location. Surely you need to visit this hotel.

Les Fermes de Marie, Megeve, France

Les Fermes de Marie, Megeve, France

This hotel reminisces a rural hamlet. It has a rustic charm capable of captivating anyone in love with the beauty of nature. The hotel is composed of ancient timber cabins that blend with the cabins of the rural folk in the region. The hotel has nine cabins that have a total of 70 rooms and suites, which are very comfortable. Additionally, the cabins also 3 restaurants that serve the French dishes, which are widely known for their palatability. Moreover, the hotel contains a cowshed-chick spa and a ski shop. Guest who has participated in skiing in the mountains can soak their tired legs in the hot tub, which is situated outdoors. The hotel provides a beautiful scenery of cabins, fragrant pines, and stacked logs down the mountain. Guest can relax around open fires that provide them with warmth. Mont Blanc, which is arguably the finest cabin in the world, is part of the hotel. It has simple yet comfortable seating; a large open fire, and a beautiful garden. This hotel is great for tourist who fears traveling to faraway tropical lands.

The Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace

If you are seeking the best service in the world, this is the right hotel for you. Its staff can help you create the host the best parties, romance, marriage proposals. They will never disappoint you. On top of this, when it comes to style, it one of the most stylish hotels across the globe. Its building is magnificent. The affluent residents of Budapest, who possess some taste of art and beauty, abundantly love it. It was renovated in 2004 at a cost of 100 million Euros, which restored it to its original 19th-century grandeur. The hotel is adorned with beautiful works of art of the style, art-nouveau. Moreover, the Zsolnay tiles on its flow blend perfectly with the building’s art and the wrought-iron Peacock gate affirms the majesty of the hotel. The location of the hotel is also perfect. It directly overlooks the Danube and the Chains Bridge. At night, observing the twinkling lights of Chains Bridge provide a serene atmosphere of happiness and composure.

Upper Hotel, Hong Kong

If you intend to draw inspiration from art and architecture, this is the right hotel to visit. Upper House is a representation of modern beauty and elegance. The balance of stone and straw; light and angles; and water and nature are perfectly exemplified by this hotel. This simply created a peaceful feeling of belonging to guests. The hotel has lawn and garden outside where guest can go to yoga or attend evening cocktails. The guest rooms are situated on the 38th floor of the building. The rooms have simple, comfortable furniture. The walls are majorly made of transparent glasses that allow the penetration of light. The high location of the rooms provides a perfect view of the city. the rooms fridges that are well-stocked with wine and other non-alcoholic beverages. the top floor of the hotel has a large sitting room, café, restaurant, and bar that offer popular local dishes. If you are looking for calmness and comfort, this is the right place to be.

Castello di Casole, Casole d’Elsa, Italy

Situated in the countryside between Siena and San Gimignano this hotel provides a good view of the beautiful serene countryside. The hotel was previously a castle with farmhouses spread around it before its conversion. The former farmhouses have been converted to villas. Today, it is owned by the Timbers Resorts. The hotel has 50 bedrooms. Their ceilings are made of beams and their floors of terracotta. The stonework is exposed. The rooms are furnished with ancient Italian furniture made of lavish Italian fabrics. Their facilities are of top quality. the hotel hosts the renowned Ristorante Tosca that prepares local palatable dishes and drinks, such as wine, olive oils, meats, and pasta. The hotel is also adorned with a lavish pool and Spa. This is one of the best romantic hotels you will ever come across.

Many hotels across the globe of quality services that customers want. The hotels discussed above are just a few of the many out there. However, I would strongly recommend you consider these hotels.